The PSI Association

For the legacy of Piping Stress Engineering
The PSI Association was created to provide a platform for the Piping Stress Engineers professional growth.
The social responsibility of the correct design and construction of piping systems requires a professional learning, therefore The PSI Association will contribute to it organizing meetings, seminars, round tables, webinars and networking events.
The legacy of the Piping Stress Engineering has to be preserved for future generations and The PSI Association is fully engaged with this idea.
For the privilege of sharing and for the legacy of Piping Stress Engineering.
Juan Manuel Mendez Franco
The PSI Association
President and Founder 
The PSI Association Logo
Stress Unit
  • In Imperial units, stress is measured in pound-force per square inch, which is often shortened to “PSI”. Stress is the force per unit area on a body that tends to cause it to change shape.

Greek Symbol
  • 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. 

  • Piping Stress International.

  • Green: Relaxation, piping systems no overstressed.

  • Blue: Stability, piping systems in equilibrium.

  • Create a community of engineers engaged with the professionalism and development of technical skills in Piping Stress Engineering.

  • Share good practices in the field of piping engineering emphasizing practical pipe stress methods and the use of the latest analysis tools.




  • Become a worldwide recognized association for promoting the professional, ethical and responsible teaching of Piping Stress Engineering.

The PSI Association Officers
  • Our members are the most experienced engineers in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry.

  • Our member represent the most prestigious and respected Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies in the world.

  • Our members supervise, coordinate and lead the largest and most complicated projects in the world.

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