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Our mission at Stressman is to be the preferred supplier of quality computational analyses. Our passion for the job is what drives us. At Stressman, all projects are completed in-house and we benefit from owning all of the necessary software, licenses and insurances as standard, in order to function independently.

Stressman Engineering is based in Norway and the main bulk of our projects have been for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea. These projects have a very high complexity as very often the boundaries are not well defined and the conditions are harsh. Internal R&D has made us able to increase capacity where others has fell short.  

“Relax, let us handle your stress”

Founded in 1964, the LISEGA group of companies is the world’s leading specialist in industrial pipe support systems.

With its head office in Germany, seven global manufacturing sites and an international distribution network, LISEGA is known as a global company with German roots.

LISEGA’s product range of over 12,000 standardised items is the most comprehensive modular pipe support range worldwide that provides technical solutions for all typical industrial applications.

This standardised product portfolio makes it possible to produce pipe supports close to serial production. Many products are therefore available with the short delivery times possible directly from the warehouses at LISEGA sites.

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For more than 70 years we are in service with our customers. We support our customers with all our know-how to satisfy those requirements.

The current product range comprises a large variety of standard Pipe supports, which are designed as a modular system. For example, the sliding and anchor supports, pipe supports, roller bearings, clamp systems, and pre-insulated pipe supports. Modular Steel is a new construction system for plant construction. With standardized elements, it can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently.

We supply international customers from the areas of plant construction, power construction, chemistry, and shipbuilding. Quality is an integral part of our corporate philosophy for many years.

Flexilatina de Colombia was founded in 1987 with the aim of representing Dinatecnica and other companies of the international group The Flexible Solutions Group, manufacturers of flexible accessories for industrial pipes.


After a few years, with a better knowledge of the Colombian market, Flexilatina took on new challenges such as assembling expansion joints and providing technical advice for the selection and assembly of its products, always counting on the supervision and endorsement of experts from each of the companies. represented.


Flexilatina de Colombia, today with more than 34 years of experience and having developed flexibility works of an important magnitude in the country, we have the credibility of our clients and a preferential place in the market of flexible elements for pipes.

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Stainless Steel Sponsor

Pipe Stress Inc. has been a user of many pipe stress programs over the last 25 years, providing engineering services to the power and process industries.


By serving diverse clients with pipe stress analyses, we have  had the unique opportunity to objectively compare the various softwares available, as well as evaluate the integration of each program into different companies’ engineering work flows.

In 2013, we more formally introduced ROHR2 to the US market and has since created Pipe Stress Inc to further expand sales and service of Sigma’s products.


Wer are passionate about providing personalized service and training in the area of pipe stress software and engineering.

Engineering & Schematics for intelligent plant engineering; 3D Design & Visualization for true workflow-managed integration across the project enterprise; Analysis for automating manual, time-consuming tasks into seamless processes; Asset Information Management for enabling electronic organization of plant data; Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction for saving valuable production time during plant construction; Intergraph Smart Cloud for keeping PPM; and in-house applications in easy reach; and Project Controls & Portfolio Management for budgeting and forecasting for optimal performance.

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For over 54 years, the LNG Conference Series has been the leading global gathering for the LNG industry. Now, the 20th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG2023) takes center stage, offering an unmatched platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to convene, exchange ideas, and showcase cutting-edge advancements.


As a media sponsor for LNG2023, The PSI Association proudly demonstrates its commitment to promoting growth and facilitating knowledge exchange. This collaboration plays a crucial role in raising awareness and disseminating vital information to a wider audience, thereby contributing to the ongoing development and progress of the LNG sector.

The collaboration between the PSI Association and the 5th International Congress and Exhibition Colombia Oil and Gas is mutually proud. This event, scheduled for 26-27 July 2023 in Bogota, Colombia, serves as a vital platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to convene, exchange ideas, and showcase advancements in the oil and gas sector.


As a media sponsor, the PSI Association demonstrates its dedication to promoting growth and facilitating knowledge exchange within the industry. This partnership enhances awareness and disseminates crucial information to a broader audience, contributing to the ongoing development and progress of the oil and gas sector in Colombia.

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Chilton Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Texas-chartered Trust Company based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1996, we provide a full range of investment services to individuals, family offices, business owners, endowments, foundations, retirement plans and trusts.

Chilton is an independent, employee owned organization of seasoned professionals dedicated to client service, client education, and client peace of mind. We charge a fee only on assets under management, and do not receive any commissions for selling products. Our fee structure allows for transparency and objectivity, which insures our interests remain fully aligned with those of individuals, families, and organizations we serve.

At Chilton we share a passion for innovation with an avid commitment to traditional methods of security analysis, research, risk management and shared experiential knowledge.

Energy and Commerce is a monthly magazine specializing in the energy sector in Mexico. We are the only bilingual, printed, and interactive tool for promoting and advertising to encourage business development. Our distinguishing features are commitment, responsibility, and staying updated on the most relevant industry topics.

Likewise, our mission is to inform you about the latest events in alternative energy, oil and gas, mining, industrial business, and power generation.


Additionally, we are a media outlet interested in giving voice and space to women leaders in the energy field. That's why we have the participation of prominent specialists who analyze the most relevant topics in mining, oil and gas, among others.

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As the organizers of 45+ high-level B2B conferences in Mexico, they recognize the value of in-person events. However, they are also embracing the unique opportunities presented by virtual and hybrid conferences to benefit attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Their mission is to reshape the future of B2B conferences in Mexico.


As Mexico's leading B2B conference organizer, they offer a comprehensive portfolio of 100+ conferences in various formats, enabling unmatched in-person experiences, high-level networking, AI-driven matchmaking, and exceptional speaker lineups.

Please contact us if you and/or your company want to be part of this great association. 

We are always looking for new opportunities.

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