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LNG Vancouver 2023

The PSI Association

For over 54 years, the LNG Conference Series has been the premier global gathering for the LNG industry.

The LNG industry’s pre-eminent global event, since 1968. As the largest global LNG industry conference and exhibition, the LNG Conference Series has been the leading meeting of the international LNG industry for over 54 years. 

The 20th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG2023) will provide a unique platform for the global LNG industry and key stakeholders to discuss, debate, and showcase the latest industry developments and opportunities.

Conference Themes Include: Fuelling a More Stable Future

  • Contracting

  • Trading Hubs

  • Infrastructure

  • Innovation

Fuelling a Cleaner Future

  • Emissions Reduction

  • Footprint improvement

  • “Green” LNG

  • Other Gases

Fuelling a Prosperous Future

  • Energy Policy

  • Investment/FID’s

  • Energy Affordability

  • Energy Access

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