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XX Colombian Congress of Oil, Gas and Energy

The Psi Association

It is the most important technical and academic event in the hydrocarbon sector in Colombia, which opens spaces for the exchange of knowledge, promotion of new technologies and commercial relations for companies in the sector, academia and the government.

Energy route to a sustainable future

The Colombian Petroleum Congress, organized by the Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers (ACIPET), is one of the most important events for the oil industry in Colombia.

For more than 20 versions, this congress has been a space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and trends on issues related to the exploration, production, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons.

The congress brings together national and international experts, representatives of the public and private sectors, academics, students and professionals interested in the oil industry in Colombia. 

Outstanding national and international experts have been part of the select group of speakers, who during 19 versions have transmitted their knowledge and experiences, which allowed them to show advances and technological initiatives, aimed at meeting the needs of the oil, gas and energy sector, especially in terms of related to challenges and opportunities, through a unique academic agenda in this type of event, which includes the presentation of technical papers, keynote speeches, forums, panels and seminars.

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