Jun 3, 2018

I suggest comparing the stress of simulation for pipelines

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Dear Colleagues,

I want to compare the stress of pipeline simulations in two ways:

1. Using the theory of beam finite elements

2. Using the theory of shell finite elements

if someone is ready to help me - do a small task calculation - at your choice - please let me know.

We will come up with the geometry of the test task and its formulation.

we will compile the technical task, carry out the stress of the simulation and publish the results for the participants in this group.

All interested persons can get acquainted with the results, ask questions of interest to them and express their opinions.

Regards Valery Anpilov

Cell phone: +7.903.797-85-61 E-mail: Skype: valery.anpilov 



Juan Manuel Mendez Franco
Jul 31, 2018

thank you for sharing this Valery

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